07 June 2015


Note 9 - 3 responses

8/11/87 4:40 pm CST greg / pasr / cerl

To whom it may really concern:

Cabn you give me temp Print access to =winner? I want to

print out the list of potions / scrolls, and some other

helpfl stuff out of that file, but it is too much trouble

to have to do an individual screen print of each note and

all the responses...



9/3/87 10:51 am CST thomsen / politics / cerl

    O/O has been on read/write for over a year.  He probably

    tried "winners" instead of "winner".  Bum nost.

9/4/87 5:00 pm CST geoff / summit / cerl

    He wanted print access, O/O is currently set for Read/Write

    which does NOT include the option to print the file.  Is

    there any reason not to make the file Read/Write/Print?

9/8/87 2:52 pm CST thomsen / politics / cerl

     Duh.  Someday I will learn to read things instead

    of skimming them.  Well, there is a reason to not

    have everyone having print access.  CERL isn't in

    the "business" of providing free prints to every

    bozo that wants one.  The amount of useful information

    in this file can easily be put on a single sheet of

    paper.  I suggest Mr. Dennison does so, himself.

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