07 June 2015


Note 12 - 5 responses

7/14/88 4:08 pm CST rogers / truman / cerl


            Has anyone ided any of the sets of arrow that

    you have found to see if they come in a magical variety?

    I am using a Bow +5 (found that way) that hits nearly as

    well as a sword +2 and really well if I shoot arrows with 

    it.  (yes, I bash things over the head with my bow)

7/16/88 11:52 am CST snellen / mcl / cerl

    Identify scrolls are rare enough that I never bother to

    ID such a chancy thing as bows or arrow.


7/17/88 7:15 pm CST june / pasrf / cerl

    I never use bows or arrows, having not found them

    worth my time and energy.

7/20/88 1:00 pm CST rogers / truman / cerl

    Im still sticking with my bow +5.  It seems to work

    quite well..

7/27/88 9:36 am CST karloski / educpsy / cerl

    I accidently ID'd some arrows (hit the wrong key) and

    found them to be +2.  

9/1/88 4:28 pm CST louis / me / cerl


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