07 June 2015

No stairs!

Note 18 - 2 responses

2/9/90 8:39 pm CST greene / chemproc / cerl

    Has anyone ever heard of a level with no stairs?  I had

    one on level 5, but fortunately, I finally found a chute.

3/1/90 5:33 pm CST chhut / truman / cerl

    sometimes when my asci doesnt load properly i dont get 

    stairs but if i signout and come back in i will see them.

7/10/90 11:21 am CST peters / ed / cerl

    I had a problem with the */True Seeing (I think it was 

    causing the problem anyway).  Sometimes when entering

    a new room the walls would plot but items/stairs/etc

    in the room would not.  Then when reentering the room later,

    they would appear.  

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