07 June 2015


Note 16 - 2 responses

6/27/89 4:11 pm CST lueschen / chemproc / cerl

    There is strong speculation that Scrolls come in set 

    bunches, ie. that certain scrolls will always have similar

    name patterns (usually the similarity is in the ending).

    I would like to get a complete list of the scroll groups

    and would appreciate people entering groups they have

    ID'd here as a response.  Groups almost always consist

    of 3 scrolls, so don't bother putting in pairs.

    I will start the list off with a group of scrolls I have

    ID'd as being in one of the groups.

            Group 1_______

            Detect Silver

            Stone Knowledge

            Detect Gems

            Detect Enemies

6/28/89 3:58 pm CST nate / summit / cerl

    It is no speculation.

7/11/89 1:46 pm CST karloski / educpsy / cerl

    Identify, locate stairs, stone knowledge

    Detect magic, recharge staff, disarm traps, remove curse

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