07 June 2015


Note 1 - 16 responses

12/1/85 5:29 pm CST reichmann / microbio / cerl

icy chill       Life Draining

air pops        Disarm Traps

what bulging    Restore Might

cold chill      Time Stop

room hazy         "   "

ink smears      Detect Dead

small vibration [-1 on an item]

wall of light   Holy Barrier

turns -> dust    Detect Stairs

wow, what bulg  Giant Strength

light fades     Dispel Magic

warmth nearby   Life Absorption

blank           Blank

flash of light  Gate

disappears      Detect Silver

blazes          Detect Magic

nothing happens Detect Gems

feel a failure  Remove Curse

refreshed       Sleep

loud clap       Create Monster

1/12/86 6:56 pm CST maxwell / hopkins / cerl

nothing (NEXT)  Curse                   ??

flames          Stone Knowledge

yum yum         Water

feel despair    Scroll of Identify

sense twisting passages  map (if you have mapped whole lvl)

Yum Yum                           Water

Falls into pieces (not dust)       detect gems

You feel despair                scroll/identify if you

                                have no items to ID.

blue lightning flashes around items   recharge staff

wall of light                          appears to make 

                                       undead run from you

Life Draining -> lose experience (bleagh)

Life Absorption -> kill one of the monsters in the room

                  (nearest?) and cure you for his hits

Restoration cures the fucking monster. Very fair.

Restoration zaps undeads, or at least that is what waynebow

has shown me.

1/12/86 7:04 pm CST maxwell / hopkins / cerl

Everything looks blurry now     time stop

heart pounding    heal faster

breathing is shallow   heal slower

turns to dust: tells you where the stairs are if you

dont already know. I read it in combat and the sentinal

I was fighting became two sentinals (or one walked into

the room) and the stairs appeared in an area of the

screen I had not yet visited.

1/12/86 7:08 pm CST maxwell / hopkins / cerl

You feel a cold chill   this didnt stop time for me.

You feel refreshed?             is this sleep?

1/12/86 8:02 pm CST maxwell / hopkins / cerl

You detect xx enemies nearby    Scroll of detect life

1/16/86 12:40 pm CST lehman / rlbgrp / cerl

You feel as if you are a failure -> Scroll of Remove Curse

The dust of the monster falls to ground -> Staff/Restoration

(only works this way on undead.)

1/18/86 2:33 am CST peltz / s / cerl

"time stop" only works while you are in the same room.

Shadow Form (everything looks blurry now (NOT "everything

looks misty now") stops everything for a certain number

of turns, and is much more powerful.

Remove Curse only removes a curse from an item you have

in use!

Potion of Health (you feel better now) will remove the

director message ("what is going on here").

2/13/86 8:50 am CST lehman / rlbgrp / cerl

You feel warm -> (potion) healing

misty -> (potion) fog seeing

you feel powerful -> Life Absorption

staff that does random stuff -> Wand of Warp Reality

5/20/86 6:14 pm CST keller / eiu / cerl

i just had an 'ink smears' turn a statue into a cyclops


6/6/86 2:14 pm CST keller / eiu / cerl

curious,very curious, I read a scroll in a room with

a mountain orc adjacent, it said you sense warmth in

nearby rooms (NEXT), but aside from asking me to name it ,

nothing happened.

                    Grimley Fiendish.

7/8/86 2:52 pm CST greg / xcl / cerl

    Dispel magic destroys wards.

7/18/86 1:22 pm CST keller / eiu / cerl

i was in a room with a sentinal and a statue. i read an

unidentified scroll and it said you feel powerful now, and

turned the statue into a yellow mold.

11/6/86 11:40 am CST ransom / chipsi / cerl

What is it when a scroll says that the 'ink blazes'?

        I've read of the ones which say the 'ink smears'

        and another which says just 'blazes'.

11/10/87 12:47 pm CST steve norton / uni / cerl

What about 'ink disappears'.  Not smears, not blazes, but


9/17/88 10:49 pm CST rogers / truman / cerl

you feel weak?

11/29/88 12:41 pm CST michael evans / uni / cerl

ink dissapears = detect silver

10/17/92 3:08 pm CST demo4 / farsi

nothing happens -->  Scroll of Curse.

                don't know what it does, doesn't work in

                combat or out of it.

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