07 June 2015


Note 3 - 10 responses

2/5/86 8:56 am CST lehman / rlbgrp / cerl

    I found a staff of Appearance the other day, but do not know

    what it does. Every time I use it it says "nothing happens".

     I even recharged it to make sure it wasn't a burned out 

    staff. I tried it on undead and other creatures.

    Anyone know what this staff is useful for?

2/5/86 1:33 pm CST thomsen / commerce / cerl

      Did you try using it on an invisible monster?  

    One theory is that if you do, you will be able 

    to see that monster.

2/7/86 4:28 am CST mcquown / ee / cerl

    I tried this on a fog monster and it did nothing.

2/7/86 11:38 am CST nate / summit / cerl


2/8/86 3:34 pm CST turnbow / chemproc / cerl

        have tried in on both invisible and fog monsters and it

        does nothing.

2/8/86 6:56 pm CST thomsen / commerce / cerl

      Ok, we give up Greg.  What the fuck is it supposed to


2/8/86 11:35 pm CST johnson / ee / cerl

Is there an item that makes you invisible?  If so, does

it make you visible?

6/19/86 2:12 pm CST larson / pasr / cerl

    Has anyone tried using it in various situations with 


6/22/86 1:20 am CST mcquown / ee / cerl


9/8/86 4:38 pm CST moline / chipsi / cerl

    What does the staff do when it runs out of charges?

       i.e.  Does it disappear?  Does it just appear

       to be a staff when charged?


9/22/86 6:01 pm CST dunn / commerce / cerl

      If it is ID-ed, it says [0] for the charges.  Otherwise,

      it just has "no effect".

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